ASI Controllers

ASI controllers are known in the Electric Vehicle  and Technology industry as world best. Made by Canadian electric technology company Accelerated Systems Inc. 

Although ASI predominantly supply to business we have been using  these savvy tech and high powered ASI controllers for Electric Bike and Emoto builds  a while now –   see the link below: Now quite literally all around the world these controllers are sought after for high power and high end builds by DIY’ers and to modify OEM controllers that come with new bikes – such as the Sur/Ron Light Bee. Putting an aftermarket ASI BAC 4000 or 8000 onto the SurRon really wakes the little bike up and increases the power – especially with a BMS Battery by pass or a 72v battery change over. 

Picture of ASI SurRon plug and play Harness

Some owners have fitted the super Motard wheel set to the SurRon and are running these 50kg bikes at over 130kph.

EBMX have been  fortunate enough to be entrusted by ASI as an Australian supplier of ASI controller products including the BAC series of 2000, 4000 and 8000.  As ASI dealers we have the ASI software to configure and program each controller to the specifications needed for your particular situation and before we deliver the end product for you to use. 

Picture of an ASI BAC8000 – capable of up to 32KW!

It is important if considering an ASI controller to be aware that there is significant intellectual property in configuring the controller to work with your particular bikes motor. There is no simple beginners mode and safeguards to prevent bad settings that would destroy the motor if programmed incorrectly. Our ward of warning is that these controllers are not toys and should not be played around with by those who don’t have the software and expertise.  Each motor requires separate and different pre setups and tuning. You will also need to pair the ASI controller with the right harness, mounting brackets and screen ( either an Eggrider Display for under 52v battery or NXT display for over 52v). Currently EBMX are perhaps the only ASI supplier in Australia who can achieve this for you as a true plug and play.

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