Xtreme Segway Clone


I know that a Segway is not an Ebike or Emoto.. but it has two wheels and goes Extremely  fast.. so it qualifies to be in the EBMX Blog and product suite 😊

Hands up who has ridden a Segway? No not one of those little wheeled things like a balance board – a proper 21 inch off road Segway.. Fun right… yes!!  Maybe when we are holidays somewhere we  join in one of those tours and fork out our $100 per head (or more) to play follow the leader… well maybe not so fun doing that when all we want to do is tear up some road and dirt and hammer the thing.. but its still an experience right… Continue reading “Xtreme Segway Clone”

Fat E-bikes

So.. are fat Ebikes all they are cracked up to be?


Our experience is that its horses for courses.   We have owned several of the ‘fats’, yet  currently we have zero fat bikes in our ‘stable’ of E-bikes.

Many we have talked to seem to think that with a fat bike you don’t need good front suspension and of course most fat bikes are hardtails, so there goes the rear too 😊 – in terms of cost this means that many fat E-bikes are more reasonably priced,  as they don’t need, or actually have good suspension.  But are you really riding on an infallible cushion of air that will guide you over all obstacles?  Well the simple answer is no.

With Fat E-bikes like the S73 or equivalent they are a lot of fun to ride down to your local milk bar… but come on you would not take them off road. Down playing on the beach with tyre air set on low pressure – they rock… but how often do we do that? So… they have limitations.. Even the MTB equivalent Fatties not as nimble as a normal bike with tyres under 3 inches and they chew through batteries more and due to the rolling resistance created by the wider tyres.

Some of our more timid kids and even Mrs. EBMX were encouraged to try some off road MTB trails on a fat bike, as the big tyres provide reassurance to less experienced riders… but tuning circles and nimbleness on the trail can take that confidence away quickly 😊  But gee they are fun to have a poke around on.

Here are some pics of some of the ‘hang fat’ times that  we have had:

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