Xtreme Tips of the Month

Xtreme Tips of the Month July 2020

Top up the ferro fluid in hub motors. This   should be  topped up say every 12 months. Also, Hubsinks don’t work unless you have ferro fluid installed as well. Many people don’t realise this when they use  hub sinks in place. Sketch Coleman ( the inventor of Hubsinks  – Sketch Coleman and Bruno Poweeer talk Hubsinks below:

Carry a can of CRC or similar product with you when you ride.  You can spray this over the electrical controller and other electrical parts of the bike  to make sure it is waterproof when you ride it.   Careful when you ride through deep water, salt water spray up from the beach and I generally take it easy through large water masses.

The tyres and flatting can be an issue on e-bikes with back hub motors –   Usually pinch flats… Use the genuine Duro Razorbacks on Stealth’s and other clone bikes with 24 inch wheels as they have a harder compound than the Wildlife Leopards ( which are softer and better for road use)  although the Razorbacks are harder to source. Make sure back tyres have an extra tube cut up and lined inside. This will help significantly with flats; products such as Mr Tuffys etc can work well too. This writer  weighs around 100kg together with riding gear and a camel back and usually ride with tyres seat 22-25psi off road on these types of bikes and tyres. At this heavy weight lower than 22psi and you risk a pinch flat. If you weigh less you can ride at  lower PSI. Some ideas for tyres if they become a problem for you is to look at Tubliss ( not tubeless) or put on a back moto style wheel and then you have heap more tyre choices and far better grip.. but the bike will then look more moto and will have more unsprung weight at the back with a  heavier moto wheel and tyre. Changing a back tyre on the go in the bush on these types of bikes is a pain. You need moto tyre levers and take the whole back axel off…. it’s not a quick  job. Carry a can of CO2 and inflator for emergencies that may get you home. 

You can spend a fortune on front forks. Want front forks better than Fox40’s but cheaper? Yes, it’s possible.

Something we have done over the years is to  buy cheaper old second hand front forks  – we recommend Rockshox boxers or domain  types ( as these can be had cheap) and then  get a cartridge kit  from Avalanche Suspension in the US that are the very best makers of suspension hardware. This makes   the Rockshox or other similar MTB type forks so much better than a brand new fork  – there is no comparison and for small bump feel.  they are absolutely sublime.  We can definitely recommend Avalanche as the very best.  Link below:


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