ASI Controllers

ASI controllers are known in the Electric Vehicle  and Technology industry as world best. Made by Canadian electric technology company Accelerated Systems Inc. 

Although ASI predominantly supply to business we have been using  these savvy tech and high powered ASI controllers for Electric Bike and Emoto builds  a while now –   see the link below: Now quite literally all around the world these controllers are sought after for high power and high end builds by DIY’ers and to modify OEM controllers that come with new bikes – such as the Sur/Ron Light Bee. Putting an aftermarket ASI BAC 4000 or 8000 onto the SurRon really wakes the little bike up and increases the power – especially with a BMS Battery by pass or a 72v battery change over. 

Picture of ASI SurRon plug and play Harness

Some owners have fitted the super Motard wheel set to the SurRon and are running these 50kg bikes at over 130kph.

EBMX have been  fortunate enough to be entrusted by ASI as an Australian supplier of ASI controller products including the BAC series of 2000, 4000 and 8000.  As ASI dealers we have the ASI software to configure and program each controller to the specifications needed for your particular situation and before we deliver the end product for you to use. 

Picture of an ASI BAC8000 – capable of up to 32KW!

It is important if considering an ASI controller to be aware that there is significant intellectual property in configuring the controller to work with your particular bikes motor. There is no simple beginners mode and safeguards to prevent bad settings that would destroy the motor if programmed incorrectly. Our ward of warning is that these controllers are not toys and should not be played around with by those who don’t have the software and expertise.  Each motor requires separate and different pre setups and tuning. You will also need to pair the ASI controller with the right harness, mounting brackets and screen ( either an Eggrider Display for under 52v battery or NXT display for over 52v). Currently EBMX are perhaps the only ASI supplier in Australia who can achieve this for you as a true plug and play.

Go to our ASI page on our website here

Xtreme Segway Clone


I know that a Segway is not an Ebike or Emoto.. but it has two wheels and goes Extremely  fast.. so it qualifies to be in the EBMX Blog and product suite 😊

Hands up who has ridden a Segway? No not one of those little wheeled things like a balance board – a proper 21 inch off road Segway.. Fun right… yes!!  Maybe when we are holidays somewhere we  join in one of those tours and fork out our $100 per head (or more) to play follow the leader… well maybe not so fun doing that when all we want to do is tear up some road and dirt and hammer the thing.. but its still an experience right… Continue reading “Xtreme Segway Clone”

Fat E-bikes

So.. are fat Ebikes all they are cracked up to be?


Our experience is that its horses for courses.   We have owned several of the ‘fats’, yet  currently we have zero fat bikes in our ‘stable’ of E-bikes.

Many we have talked to seem to think that with a fat bike you don’t need good front suspension and of course most fat bikes are hardtails, so there goes the rear too 😊 – in terms of cost this means that many fat E-bikes are more reasonably priced,  as they don’t need, or actually have good suspension.  But are you really riding on an infallible cushion of air that will guide you over all obstacles?  Well the simple answer is no.

With Fat E-bikes like the S73 or equivalent they are a lot of fun to ride down to your local milk bar… but come on you would not take them off road. Down playing on the beach with tyre air set on low pressure – they rock… but how often do we do that? So… they have limitations.. Even the MTB equivalent Fatties not as nimble as a normal bike with tyres under 3 inches and they chew through batteries more and due to the rolling resistance created by the wider tyres.

Some of our more timid kids and even Mrs. EBMX were encouraged to try some off road MTB trails on a fat bike, as the big tyres provide reassurance to less experienced riders… but tuning circles and nimbleness on the trail can take that confidence away quickly 😊  But gee they are fun to have a poke around on.

Here are some pics of some of the ‘hang fat’ times that  we have had:

EBMX Project – Sur-Ron Xtreme :)

Ok… Let’s face it – the ‘Ron’ is a nice little bike for the money. A solid E-Moto and maybe the best ever to come out of  China so far …but it’s a bit on the small side and under-powered compared to the extra KW’s that the SurRon motor can actually handle.  Note that we are not a SurRon dealer – we cannot sell you a new SurRon – go to our friends at SurRon Australia for that if you are in NZ or Australia ..   BUT…. If you already own a SurRon Moto &  want more out of it? Want Xtreme Power ?.. but don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts to achieve that? Continue reading “EBMX Project – Sur-Ron Xtreme :)”

Chinese Cloned – Bomber/Raptor type E-bike.

Importing cheaper  Chinese Ebikes can have its risks. We have done some Chinese Imports and Clone build ups in the past.  The key here is to understand that  there are both some good and reputable among  the many bad sellers on the Alibaba and Chinese market places. Your bike probably wont look as good as it is presented in the advertised pictures and may have flaws. Be Xtremely careful with what you are buying and the specs, as often these can be confusing and conflict themselves.  Ensure you have a clear written email from the seller clarifying all the parts and so there are no nasty surprises when your bike arrives. We have experience in dealing with many Chinese Ebike and parts sellers and resellers… so feel free to contact us if we can assist.   Below is a bike we purchased quite cheaply from China and personalized it and altered its looks  and without spending big $$’s. Continue reading “Chinese Cloned – Bomber/Raptor type E-bike.”

EBMX Brodie Derelict – A Slope Style Bafang E- Conversion

One recent project required an Ebike with the equivalent power of a small Motorbike for a 10 year old boy  but set with a limitation in stand-over height of a bike suitable for someone under 5 foot. 


Brand new Brodie Derelict ( short frame) – jump bike ( seat height perfect at its lowest saddle position and enough room for the bike to grow with the boy through into teenage years…. even small adults are comfortable on this bike) Continue reading “EBMX Brodie Derelict – A Slope Style Bafang E- Conversion”

Project EBMX Stealth Xtreme

EBMX  have owned several Stealth Fighter E-Bikes in the past. Yes… We just  love Stealth Fighters. 

The Fighter Model (also known currently as the F37)  is smaller than a Stealth Bomber  and does not have gears but instead operates a two speed schlumpf that is clicked on and off, by the riders heel. The weight of the bike is around 10-15kg lighter ( so it weighs 40-45kgs) than the Bomber and presents itself as  a more nimble option for single track and trail riding. It  runs on 24×3 rims and tyres.

Continue reading “Project EBMX Stealth Xtreme”

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